YYC Doubles Madness

We are very exited to be Sponsoring The YYC Doubles Madness!

*Update May 5, 2021

Adam and I chatted last night we are moving back the start three weeks to coincide with Albertas Covid restrictions for all’s safety and concerns. May 31st week will be the new start date as long as the restrictions by the Alberta government have been eased. We sit at 59 team paid and ready to play, so we are extending our registration to fill the bracket to a full 64 teams. We will also postpone the live feed till closer to the start date for the bracket and course reveal for the first week.
Stay safe everyone! Thanks
Adam Letendre
Jon Pease


Notice from the Organizers

Same partners doubles. Teams will use last names; Smith/Brown (Team name)
$25 per team max 64 teams.
Play one doubles round per week.
YYC Doubles Admin will choose that weeks course in or near Calgary on Sunday night. Play rules of the course we will provide each week. (Mandos and OBs)
Tee times will be organized via team to team through Facebook messenger.
All games will be completed before Saturday 9 pm MTN.
If game isn’t completed by cut off, one days grace to play the game. If one team is up for the round and other is not team willing to play will move on and the team not willing to play will be disqualified. If both miss the time limit with no game played both will be eliminated.
Replacing your partner is allowed but you can only use the same substitute partner once per team.
No Callie must have a partner.
Police your own between teams, if any dispute admin will make final decision. If a dispute arises with the admin an independent source will make the decision and it will be final.
Brackets will reset after each week so you don’t know which team you’ll be facing till Sunday night/Monday morning.
Must be a 2021 paid Member of a local Alberta disc golf club to support those clubs. either Calgary, Strathmore, Lethbridge, Edmonton, Red Deer or Sylvan Lake. 
Winning group will post on YYC Doubles Madness Facebook page when round is complete.
$1600 -$200 for trophy =$1400 40% =$560
1st Place $300
2nd Place $150
3rd/4th Place $55 each based on full 64 team full bracket. Will be adjusted if not full. Remainder of the money will be donated to CDGC to help raise funds for more baskets.
Go to the YYC Doubles Madness Facebook Page for the latest details.

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