Calgary Disc Golf Club presents 2021 Big Marlborough Junior Disc Golf Challenge

The 2021 Big Marlborough Junior Disc Golf Challenge is the Calgary Disc Golf Club’s (CDGC) third event for the 2021 JUNIOR disc golf season for under age 18 youth. It’s about fun and growing the disc golf community. Those new to the sport are welcome too! 

The location is the Big Marlborough Disc Golf Course. We will use the existing 12 tone locations. Two rounds will be played.

Prior to the two rounds there will be an optional area to participate in a putting challenge, distance challenge and maybe even check your speed!

As you know Alberta Health Services COVID-19 restrictions are largely lifted, but do what you need to do to feel comfortable and safe.

We will endeavor to pair up friends if possible. Cards will likely range from 2-4 players. Experienced CDGC players will be on site to cheer kids on and facilitate smooth play.

Bring at least one disc! If you are a beginner, any conventional 'frisbee' style disc will do. Typically as people get better they specialize into disc golf discs. So don't worry!

What is the challenge at Big Marlborough? Tonals (metal cylinders) not cages, so your putting skill will be challenged!

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